Property Management Fees

Please note that we recieve numerous calls about fees.
We hope this description below clears up most questions.

Basically, there are three phases of fees in Property Management.

Tenant Search - PHASE 1
Monthly Management - PHASE 2 
Lease renewal - PHASE 3 

Phase 1
Tenant Search and Placement

If you require us to perform a "Tenant Search"  to help you place tenants in your property you can expect to pay. 

(If your rent is marketed at $2800.00 monthly, your fee is $2800.00) 
We DO NOT charge an office, file creation or charge additional leasing fees for long term leases.

Note that we do not normally recieve all this fee and that we must pay commisions to the tenants Realtor for bringing the tenant to your property if the tenant is accepted.

Phase 2
Property Management (Monthly Fees)

Once the tenant is placed in your property we will recieve our monthly service fee of 8% to 10%.
This fee includes the maintenance calls, rent collection, rent payments, inspections, reports, photos and video. 

 (Please review the pdf below for the exact details of our plans and fee structure)

Phase 3
Leaase Renewal

We charge 25% - 35% for lease renewals.
(This is a very common fee in the business and is required for our time we spend on maintaining the property, keeping the tenants in your property, negotiating with you and the tenants and lastly for maintaining your cash flow in the property. If your tenants move out this will cost you significantly more in vacancy time, real estate fees for tenant search, updates to your property you may not have to have done and loss of income.)

If you have any trouble viewing the provided PDF documents please contact our office for further assistance.

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